Save Ontario Place Campaign joins the Ontario Day of Action

On Saturday, April 21, the Ontario Federation of Labour held an “Ontario Day of Action”, meant to focus on prosperity, not austerity. The march and subsequent rally saw thousands upon thousands of mobilized public sector workers, retirees, students, and community members, who ultimately descended upon Queen’s Park amid chants and reggae music.

The feeling in the rally was one of electrified optimism, a real sense that no one is going to back down on their demands. The Save Ontario Place campaign was one of many organizations fighting for their demands to be met, and yet the red campaign colours stood out in the crowd.

With ever-deepening cuts exacted upon our decent jobs and public services, it was extremely uplifting to see so many supporters decked out in the Save Ontario Place garb. But the campaign was amazed to learn that plenty of Torontonians are still entirely unaware of the recent closure, and looming plans to develop the Ontario Place waterfront site. As T shirts emblazoned with the “I (heart) Ontario Place” logo were handed out, crowds of citizens were shocked to learn of the devastating decision made by our government to shut Ontario Place down for good.

Many Torontonians lack basic knowledge around the current state of Ontario Place. This means we have a great opportunity to push the campaign further! Time is running out and the campaign is going strong, but we urge you to spread the news through your local communities, networks, and any social media sites sympathetic to the cause. We’re getting closer and closer to a positive outcome, so let’s keep going!

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